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Moving Tips & Information

Self-Packing: Save money by being fully packed when we arrive!

Packing is challenging. We get it. However, the more complete your packing job is when we arrive, the less time your job will take, which will save you money! Do your best to tie up loose ends, place items in boxes and be ready to go. If you need packing assistance beforehand, let us know-- we can schedule that as well.

All boxes should be sealed and labeled. Closets should be emptied and packed, aside from hanging clothes, which can be transferred to wardrobe boxes that we provide on the day of the move. All fragile items should be wrapped and boxed, ready for transport. All other (larger) items/furniture will be padded and wrapped by our movers.


Access & Parking

Be sure there is clear access for loading/unloading. Be sure that there is ample parking space for our moving truck. A temporary parking permit might be necessary for your location, depending on city requirements and space availability. 

For San Francisco moves, please find SF parking permit information here:



Changes. Sometimes changes are inevitable. If the scope of your move changes and differs from the details previously discussed and agreed upon, please let us know in advance! In the event of a change, your moving agreement is subject to adjustments in crew size, cost and timing that will require an additional confirmation before moving forward. Please let us know in advance so that we can best accommodate you. 


Delays. We do our best to arrive within the designated window of time. If delays occur, we will communicate at the earliest notice. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. 


Sound Judgement

If when the moving crew arrives, the shipper (customer) is not of sound body and mind (not sober and not available to clearly answer questions and provide guidance for the move), the job is subject to postponement with a 2-hour minimum fee incurred. The crew has the right to leave the job.


Factor in Double Drive Time

Double drive time is customary in the state of California for all moving companies. (The time required to travel from Point A to Point B, doubled.) 


We provide furniture pads, dollies, wardrobe boxes and mattress bags to protect your items during the move, which are included with the service. If you need to purchase packing materials (small, medium and large boxes) we can provide these items as well as dish packs, packing paper and tape.

Utilize Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are a great way to transport your clothing on hangers, so that they are easy to move into the new place without a lot of fuss. We provide these free of charge with our service.

Color Coordinate

Keep your items organized and categorized. Label boxes by color (tape or stickers) to indicate which room they belong to. The more organized you are, the smoother the move will go, and the easier it will be to put things back together at the new location.



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